Quote Questions

How do I request a quote?

Quote requests are generally made via our Quote/Order Form which is accesible via every bag model page. The Quote/Order form takes you through the step-by-step process of picking the bag model, color choices and artwork options with corresponding areas for uploading artwork and desired delivery date. We also take quote requests via email with your artwork attached or via phone where we can walk you through the choices.

What happens after I request a quote?

After your quote request has been made, we will next:

  1. Access the quality of your artwork file.
  2. Compute production time to confirm your deliver date can be met.
  3. Email you a finalized quote with all costs tallied.
  4. Email you a Digital Sample of your bag, unless you wish to purchase a pre-production proof.
  5. Contact you via phone to follow up and answer any questions you may have.