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  • What printing/embellishing options to you offer?
    Traditional screenprinting makes up 95% of our custom printing, offering a quality look and feel, as the ink is printed via screen directly to the fabric and cured via industrial driers, which allows the image to move naturally with the bag fabric.
  • What does screen printing cost?
    As noted throughout our site, a 1-color, 1-location screen print is included in our listed prices. Each additional design color costs $0.50 per color and each additional location costs $1.00 (i.e. if you wanted your logo on both sides of the bag).
  • What are the setup/screen charges?
    We do not charge the assorted setup/screen charges that so many of our competitors charge with one exception - should your available artwork fallout outside usable formats or image quality, thereby requiring our in-house artists to basically build it from scratch, there will be a nominal charge. This will be quoted prior to order, but the fee will be minimal (usually ranging from $15 to $30). And please don't let poor artwork deter you. We are here to make it happen for you, even if you only have a business card to work from...
  • What is a heat transer?
    In the rare circumstances where your artwork is overcomplicated or has two many colors (making it cost-heavy to screen print) we do over heat transfers as way to embellish your usa made bags. Heat transfers involve pre-printed logos that are transfered to the fabric via pressure and heat. While it does not have the fluid look of screen printing, heat transfers to offer an option for difficult art.
  • What artwork formats do you accept?
    Generally, artist-constructed vector files in the .ai, .eps, .pdf, and .cdr formats are best for screen printing. File formats such as .psd, .tiff or .jpg are also often usable if they are at least 300 dpi in size. Usually the bigger the file the better. But let us know what you have available and we will see if we can make it work, whether its a business card or a photo you have taken with your phone - there are always options...
  • How do I send you my artwork?
    Whether your using our contact or our order/quote form, you will find a file upload box option where you can drag and drop your files for accessment. You can also, attach any art file to an email.
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